Adoption and Permanency Fund of BC

2018 Full and Research Grants

The application period for 2018 Full and Research Grants is now open. Applications will be accepted until noon Friday, October 13, 2017.

Guidelines for 2018 Full & Research Grants

 Grants of up to $20,000 each are available for projects that support one or more of the following:

1.   Permanency, Lifelong Connections, and Successful Transitions for Youth in Care

The ideal goal for children and youth in continuing care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development is legal permanency. However, for various reasons legal permanency may not be possible, in which case innovative programs are needed to build lifelong connections that help youth transition into successful adulthood.  Therefore, the Fund is particularly interested in supporting innovative programs that create awareness of the various forms of permanency as important steps towards successful adulthood. Such programs should be focused on all youth ages 12-18 who are currently in care.

2. Legal and Cultural Permanency for Aboriginal Children and Youth in Care

Aboriginal children and youth form the majority of those in care. Therefore, there is a need for innovative programs that recruit Aboriginal families who are able to provide legal, cultural, or other forms of permanency. The Fund is seeking applications which either propose such programs or propose research into the processes that will lead to the creation of such programs.

3. Enhance the understanding of adoption and permanency-related issues through innovative research that involves partnerships between the adoptive and academic communities. 

Of particular interest to the Fund are evidence-based research initiatives that focus on increasing the number of children or youth living with permanent families or the prevention of the disruption of permanent placements involving children or youth in care or formerly in care.

Download the 2018 Full & Research Grants Application


2017 Micro-Grants

The application period for 2017 Micro-Grants is now closed. The next call for these grant applications will be in February 2018.