Granting Programs

The Adoption and Permanency Fund of BC (“the Fund”) awards grants for collaborative projects and programs that use innovative approaches to support lifelong connections. In particular, we look for:

  • New, unique and experimental approaches;
  • Evidence of collaboration or partnerships;
  • Experience with adoption and/or permanency;
  • Capacity to deliver the proposed project, program or research;
  • Representation from across BC.

The Fund offers two separate granting programs annually – Micro-Grants, and Full & Research Grants

Full Grants

The next application period for Full Grants will open August 2018.

Grants of up to $20,000 are available for projects and initiatives that demonstrate strategic collaborations will be considered:

  1. Raising awareness of:
    • the need for permanent placements for children and youth in care, particularly those with special needs, specific cultural considerations and aboriginal children;
    • permanency options for children and youth in care, including adoptions by foster families, kinship placements, custody agreements, open adoption, aboriginal customary arrangements and other alternatives.
  2. Supporting healthy and positive permanent families through:
    • special community, educational and cultural events;
    • development and/or implementation of new models of permanent care
    • parenting and family support;
    • projects aimed at teen transitioning and identity issues related to adoption, kinship arrangements, inter-racial placements etc.;
    • inter cultural adoption support;
    • activities for children and youth with special needs;
    • training and support for groups and/or group leaders.

Research Grants

The next application period for Research Grants will open August 2018.

Grants of up to $20,000 are available for projects and initiatives.

Applications are accepted for the development of action research involving a partnership between the adoptive and academic communities. Innovative research projects that have practical application and are useful to the adoptive community will be supported. Applications are invited for research of evidence-based best practices, evaluation of innovative approaches, or start up funding for longer-term research that focuses on:

    • increasing the number of children living in permanent families;
    • preventing the disruption of permanent placements involving children in care or;
    • those who were formerly in care.


The next application period for Micro-Grants Grants will open February 2018.

Grants of up to $2,000 are available for new or existing activities that promote permanency options for BC’s children and youth. These small grants are intended for the following purposes:

  • promote and encourage adoptions and permanency arrangements;
  • assist in the development of, or attendance at, special events, workshops, and conferences;
  • provide support across British Columbia on issues related to adoption, culture and ancestry;
  • develop organizational systems and training which can be used by others; and
  • engage in results oriented research which can be used by other organizations in the support of children and youth in care seeking permanent families


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