About Us

History of the Fund

In 2003 an independent trust fund was established by the Ministry of Children and Family Development to help British Columbia’s children and youth awaiting adoption or other permanent connections. The fund includes a permanent endowment from which annual proceeds can be distributed to support organizations and individuals in finding and helping to maintain lifelong connections for British Columbia’s children and youth.  The trust fund was re-named the Lex Reynolds Adoption & Permanency Trust Fund (“the Trust”) in 2009 in honour of the late Lex Reynolds and revised again in 2017 to the Adoption and Permanency Fund of BC (“the Fund”).

The Adoption Council of Canada (ACC) supported the inception of the trust fund and is responsible for recruiting members of its Advisory Committee which reviews and approves applications for project funding. The Victoria Foundation is the Trustee of the fund and provides administrative support.

As a permanent trust fund established in partnership with a community foundation, the Adoption & Permanency Fund of BC is the first of its kind in Canada.